Get Drush working on Godaddy shared hosting plane

Drush is very important tool for drupal Developers, Its managed from Shell so a lot of people failed in getting it work at shared hosts like godaddy, I will explain briefly how to install Drush on godaddy shared hosting plane. 1- Open your Linux Terminal and create SSH Connection to you account ssh and Enter your password. 2- Go to your main directory cd ~/ 3- Download the last version of drush to your Host space. (4.5 in this case) -bash-3.2$ wget 4- Extract the Drush compressed file . -bash-3.2$ tar -zxvf drush-7.x-4.5.tar.gz 5- Make sure that your drush directory can be accessed by this command -bash-3.2$ cd ~/drush 6- Make sure that you are at Home directory -bash-3.2$ cd ~/ 7- Create .bash_profile if not Exist and add the following lines inside it export DRUSH_PHP="/usr/local/php5/bin/php" export COLUMNS alias drush="/usr/local/php5/bin/php ~/drush/drush.php" alias php="/usr/local/php5/bin/php" if you want to use PHP 5.3 add the following lines instead export DRUSH_PHP="/usr/local/php5_3/bin/php5_3" export COLUMNS alias drush="/usr/local/php5_3/bin/php5_3 ~/drush/drush.php" alias php="/usr/local/php5_3/bin/php5_3"

    How to Create .bash_profile file

  • vi .bash_profile
  • press i to convert your mode to be insert mode
  • past the previous code
  • press Esc to exit Insert mode.
  • press sheft+:
  • insert wq then press Enter
Now we have created .bash_profile file . 8- use the .bash_profile file . -bash-3.2$ source .bash_profile Thats all lets test our Drush by Implementing drush command -bash-3.2$ drush if there is any problem please write it in a comment.


I followed your instructions above but when I attempt to archive my site I get the following error:

-bash-3.2$ drush archive-dump
Command archive-dump needs a higher bootstrap level to run - you will need invoke drush from a more functional Drupal environment to run this command. [error]
The drush command 'archive-dump' could not be executed. [error]
A Drupal installation directory could not be found [error]

Any ideas?

May bad. Just had to cd into html and all worked well. What a boob!

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